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Here are the services that I can provide

What I

New Service Registration and set up

I have supported more that twenty new providers to set up their new care businesses and ensure that they comply with the CQC registration process and do not have their applications rejected

CQC inspection prep

If you know your inspection is around the corner or perhaps you just want peace of mind then I provide both pre inspection preperation and post inspection action planning support

Mock Inspections

If you feel you or your organisation would benefit from a mock CQC inspection with detailed feedback. Please get in touch. Currently only service the South West of the UK

Independent Auditing

Small and independent companies often have no way of externally monitoring their quality and this can lead to problems when inspection time comes round. Having an experienced and fresh set of eyes on your audits and outcomes is highly recommended. 

RM/NI and Provider Interview Coaching

Feeling nervous about an upcoming RM/NI or provider interview with CQC or OFSTED? I can coach you and provide mock interviews all with a sample of real questions used in the CQC/OFSTED interview process

RM &NI Supervision and Appraisal 

If you are a small care company and are looking for external supervision and appraisal then look no further!

Manager Wellbeing Coaching

We all know what a stressful and demanding job Care Management is. If you would like coaching to help manage your own wellbeing, workload and stress then this is for you. Bespoke coaching packages can help you feel on top of your game, make lasting changes to how you cope with your role and give you immediate strategies to help

PIR support

PIR's can be daunting, especially the first time round. if you need support and guidance on completing yours to a high standard I can help!

"I  would highly recommend Abi, we had no concerns with our CQC application, it went through on the first attempt. the additional support and mentoring has been invaluable"

Harmonna Care

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